Transition to a new class

Change is a normal part of life and can provide opportunities for children to develop their resilience. Whether a child is starting primary school, changing schools, or moving from ELC to P1 or P7 to S1, this transition period needs to be carefully managed. If a child struggles with a transition it can have a negative impact on their wellbeing and academic achievement.

The coronavirus outbreak has created unprecedented events in living memory and the challenges of lockdown have affected us all, creating increased levels of anxiety and stress. As schools (gradually) reopen their doors many parents and pupils will be feeling worried and anxious. A key message to prepare children for this is that life will not immediately return to normal, rather there will be a long period of adjustment where our life gradually moves towards something that looks like 'normal'

Blended Learning Model

We will share clear guidance and information once we have had clear guidance from WLC following the government response. Be rest assured we are working behind the scenes to prepare for the necessary next steps to prepare a return to school on August 11th.

Transition Information

Normally during transition to a new class within school there are opportunities for all children to visit their new classroom and class teacher and complete a series of transition activities. However, this may not be possible until we return in August (certainly in person).    We are currently planning how this transition will look for your child and will share this with you over the next few weeks using the same platforms TEAMS/Twitter/SWAY/ Groupcall and paper based (If required).  

 We have very much at the forefront of our planning the need to build new relationships with a new class teacher remotely and ease anxieties as much as possible and get our learners excited about their next step in their primary school journey despite the challenges ahead.

Getting it Right for Every Child

Certain some children may need a carefully thought out and individualized transition plan.  We will work closely with you on this parents/carers in order for the preparation to continue over the summer holidays e.g a book with pictures of the new classroom and members of staff working with the child.

Passing on of Information

Before teachers meet their new classes, an opportunity is built into our annual collegiate calendar for detailed information sharing between teachers takes during these important transition times. At these meetings individual children are discussed to ensure the receiving teacher has a good understanding of the learning and pastoral needs of each of the children. Also, any and all assessments are passed on supported through discussions with the leadership team, as appropriate.  There will also be a chance in the first term to meet the teacher where they will outline what the year of learning will look like at your child's particular stage (the arrangements for this have yet to be decided due to COVID-19). 

Supporting your child through transition
It helps children and young people at all transitions if parents:
  • talk with them about what is going to happen
  • encourage them to ask questions
  • encourage them to talk about any concerns they may have
  • listen carefully to their concerns and consider sharing them with other relevant people
  • help them to become familiar with the new school or setting and what will be expected of them.

Click the links below to access information to support your child at this time prior to the realse of our Transition programme


Updated: 25/05/2020