Please see below suggested links to inform and guide you in your child's ELC and School journey with us.

West Lothian Council Links

West Lothian Council - School and Nurseries (opens new window) - Information on schools in West Lothian including school terms and holidays, school meals,, school transport and school closures.

West Lothian Council - (opens new window) - Welcome to the new - the new way to access online school payments (iPayImpact) and a variety of additional services to support you and your child. Click the link to access - (opens new window)

Transport to and from school and ELC

West Lothian Council - School Transport (opens new window) - These pages set out to answer some of the most common questions parents and pupils ask and provide route and timetable information for all bus services. West Lothian Council makes safety on school transport a top priority.

West Lothian Council - Travelling on the bus (opens new window)

Parental Responsibility

When a child does not qualify for free transport, it is parental responsibility to ensure the child arrives to and from school safely.

When a child uses school transport the parent is responsible to see the child arrives and boards the bus in the morning safely and alights the bus in the afternoon.

Parents are also responsible for ensuring that a child may return to another suitable location should transport fail to arrive at the stop in the morning for any reason.

Emergency Contact Details

It is essential that the school has the name, address and telephone number of an adult to be contacted in case of an accident or your child feeling ill.

Please ensure records are kept up to date by notifying the school of any change of address and telephone number of your child's emergency contact. 

Children will only be sent home early in special circumstances. The school will make every effort to contact you in such situations. Where there is no adult to receive the child, they will be supervised in school until such time as suitable arrangements are made.

In the event of extreme weather conditions you may check the council website for information on any school closures. All schools have a means of contacting parents and carers via text message

National Links

Scottish Parent Teacher Council (opens new window) - We work with parents and educators, providing information, advice and training. 

Parentzone (opens new window) - Be at the heart of your child's learning

Parenting Across Scotland (opens new window) - Families, in all their shapes and sizes, are the foundation of our society and our future. Parents and other family members mostly do a great job in bringing up children but it can be tough at times.