PEEP learning together programme - supporting parents and children to learn together

We are delighted that during session 2020/21 we are able to bring you PEEP coordinated by Leeann Grimley one of our Nursery Nurse Practitioners. 

Research tells us that the biggest influences on children's outcomes are the quality of the relationship with their parents and carers, and what they do with their family, from birth - known as the home learning environment.

Peep Learning Together is a parenting programme that helps:

  • parents and carers to improve their children's life chances, by making the most of everyday learning opportunities - listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing books and stories together
  • babies and children to become confident communicators and learners through play
  • practitioners to develop their work with parents/carers and young children
  • parents and carers to recognise and build on on their own learning potential and achievements
  • communities to narrow the attainment gap, which appears even before children reach school.

All Peep Programme delivery is underpinned by the principles.

Download the Peep Learning Together Programme Overview leaflet for more information

What is the peep learning together programme?


The Learning Together Programme (LTP) aims to help parents and carers to:

  • improve the quality of the Home Learning Environment by valuing and extending learning opportunities in everyday life 
  • develop secure relationships with their babies and children.

By supporting parents/carers, the programme aims to improve children's:

  • personal, social and emotional development
  • communication and language
  • early literacy 
  • early maths 
  • health and physical development.

How the peep learning together programme is delivered

Practitioners share the Programme with families through conversations and joint activities focusing on aspects of children's learning and development. Peep is a strengths-based approach to working with parents, focusing on doing with rather than doing to parents. The programmes value and build on what families are already doing to support their children's learning.

All delivery is underpinned by ORIM and can also support adults to gain qualifications which recognise their learning during the sessions.

Elements of a peep session

Each Peep session is based on a child development topic, which contains:

  • talk time, to share key ideas with parents and carers
  • ways to put ORIM  into action (Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction, Modelling)
  • songs and rhymes
  • books and stories
  • creative play activities (during the session and/or ideas to try at home).

Singing, talking and playing together help strengthen relationships and develop children's listening, talking and later literacy.


The learning together programme:

  • is relevant to all parents/carers and children
  • was designed to be used flexibly by Peep-trained practitioners, to meet the needs and interests of local families
  • can be used in the home, in universal or targeted groups, in drop-in sessions or child health clinics, in a school or nursery - wherever families spend time
  • can be used as part of a multi-agency approach to working with families - Peep-trained practitioners work within health, education, childcare, adult and community learning, social care, family support, youth work, psychology, libraries, volunteering...
  • can be used to focus on any or all of the five developmental strands, and with any or all developmental stages: babies, toddlers and pre-school.

Click the link below to access more information on PEEP or speak to Ms Grimley in the ELC